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shell – How to empty (clear) the logcat buffer in Android

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How can I empty (clear) the logcat buffer in Android?

I use adb logcat from command line and pipe the output to a file, since the DDMS has a very limited buffer. At the moment, when I restart my app (after fixing bugs etc) the logcat buffer has data from the previous launch as well. Even uninstalling the app does not clear the buffer. The only way I’ve found so far to clear the buffer, is reboot. This is effective, but would like to know if there’s an easier way.

How to&Answers:
adb logcat -c

Logcat options are documented here: http://developer.android.com/tools/help/logcat.html


The following command will clear only non-rooted buffers (main, system ..etc).

adb logcat -c

If you want to clear all the buffers (like radio, kernel..etc), Please use the following commands

adb root
adb logcat -b all -c


adb root
adb shell logcat -b all -c 

Use the following commands to know the list of buffers that device supports

adb logcat -g
adb logcat -b all -g
adb shell logcat -b all -g


I give my solution for Mac:

  1. With your device connected to the USB port, open a terminal and go
    to the adb folder.
  2. Write: ./adb devices
  3. The terminal will show something like this:
    List of devices attached
    36ac5997 device
  4. Take note of the serial number (36ac5997)
  5. Write: ./adb -s 36ac5997 to connect to the device
  6. Write: ./adb logcat

If at any time you want to clear the log, type ./adb logcat -c


For anyone coming to this question wondering how to do this in Eclipse, You can remove the displayed text from the logCat using the button provided (often has a red X on the icon)