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Simulate Android SMS/Call on USB device

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I’ve seen already that ddms allows to send fake SMS messages or init fake calls on Android emulator. However I am not using emulator for development, but only real device connected with USB cable.

In developer preferences on my device I can allow to simulate SMS messages. Everything I know about that is to connect to the device (emulator) with telnet:

telnet localhost 5554

and send SMS message with

sms send 12345 Hello SO!

I cannot connect with telnet to the USB device – it just yels connection refused.

I had forwarded ports with adb, got into device using telnet, but after calling sms send ... it shows that sms was not found.

Back to the merits of the SMS simulating – is it even possible to send any with adb/shell from PC to the USB device ?

How to&Answers:

It seems from the developer site that there is currently no support for USB connections
See this link : SMS Emulation under Emulator Limitations