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Spacebar not working at end of the line in Excel VBA Editor

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I moved my personal.xlsb to my new laptop and I am having a strange issue.

  1. The spacebar is not working at the end of the line except it’s a totally empty line.

Example 1 : Not working example | Not working


Example 2 : Working example | Would work


  1. When I was pressing the spacebar, the text select pointer didn’t move, but the position indicator is blinking between the original position and (col+1).

Pointer position indicator image

pointer position indicator image

How to&Answers:

So I had this exact same problem on my Personal Workbook. I found that if I create another module in the active workbook, for whatever reason it fixes the error.

FYI, for some reason, I have to then save the active workbook as a macro-enabled workbook and then if I open another workbook the problem doesn’t persist.


I had the same issue. I found if I turned off AutoSave, it worked fine. If I opened a new workbook that had AutoSave turned on, the issue would come back until I turned off AutoSave.AutoSave toggle