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<?= ?> special tags in php

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can anybody please explain what are these special tags in php?

<?= ?>

I couldn’t find it on google.

How to&Answers:

See the short_open_tags setting.
<?= is identical to <? echo and use of it requires short_open_tag to be on. A term to search for would be “short tags”.

As an example: <?='hello'?> is identical to <? echo 'hello' ?> which is a short form of <?php echo 'hello' ?>.

See also Are PHP short tags acceptable to use? here on SO.


It’s part of the short_open_tag. Basically <?=$foo?> is equivalent to <?php echo $foo; ?>


They output what’s inside them directly.

<?= "something" ?>

is a shortcut for:

<?php echo "something"; ?>

These (together with <? ?>) are called short tags. See here (short_open_tag)


<?= $foobar ?> is a shortcut for <?php echo $foobar; ?>.

I wouldn’t recommend using these short tags because in some webserver environments they are disabled via PHPs configuration.


yes you can done it using .htaccess. In your .htaccess file, add this

php_value short_open_tag 1

Now you can check files with <?='hi';?> instead of <?php ?>