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sql – How can I set an Excel Cell Value as the criteria for Access Query?

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I am creating a new query in MS Access that updates an existing record based on the “Branch” and “Employee” fields. How can I set the criteria to reference cell values? Say A2 holds the “Branch” ID for Access and B2 holds the value for the “Employee” ID in Access.I want to update my Access “Notes” Field. My query works when running in Excel, but only because I have specified what the “Employee” & “Branch” ID’s are. Nothing updates when i run my code below:


Sub modify_record()
Dim ac As Object
Dim branchid As String
Dim employeeid As String
Dim notesF As String
Set ac = CreateObject("Access.Application")

branchid = Sheets("Sheet4").Range("A2")
employeeid = Sheets("Sheet4").Range("B2")
notesF = Sheets("Sheet4").Range("C2")

Dim strDatabasePath As String
strDatabasePath = "C:\Users\johnsmith\OneDrive\pbsbackup.mdb"

With ac
.OpenCurrentDatabase (strDatabasePath)
Dim db As Object
Set db = .CurrentDb
db.Execute "Update_Records"
End With

End Sub

Query in MS Access. Saved as Update_Records

 UPDATE pbsmaster SET pbsmaster.notes = "notesF" WHERE 
    (((pbsmaster.branch)="branchid") AND((pbsmaster.employee)="employeeid"));
How to&Answers:

Your variables don’t magically transfer into the query, just because they have the same name.

You need to specify the parameters in the Access query, and pass them via a DAO.QueryDef object in the Excel VBA code.

Here is an example: https://stackoverflow.com/a/2317225/3820271

Dim qd As Object ' DAO.QueryDef
Set qd = db.QueryDefs("Update_Records")
qd.Parameters("branchid") = branchid
' etc.


Here is my solution from what I learned from @Andre. I am able to execute my code, I noticed working with Parameters is much quicker than opening a recordset with DAO.

Sub foo()
Dim db As Database
Dim qdf As QueryDef

Set db = OpenDatabase("C:\Users\employee\OneDrive\samplefile.mdb")

Set qdf = db.CreateQueryDef("", _
          "PARAMETERS pbsbranch text , pbsnotes text; " & _
          "UPDATE pbsmaster SET pbsmaster.notes=[pbsnotes] " & _
          "WHERE pbsmaster.branch=[pbsbranch]  " & _
qdf!pbsbranch = Sheets("Sheet4").Range("A2")
qdf!pbsnotes = Sheets("Sheet4").Range("C2")

qdf.Execute dbFailOnError
Set qdf = Nothing
Set cdb = Nothing
End Sub