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sql server – Should I use PHP's SQLSRV Functions?

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I am starting a new project in PHP that need to access MS Sql Server.
I know that PHP’s manual lacks of warns about old or even deprecated set of functions.

  • MySQL extension do not refer to MySQLi extension at any point.
  • SQLite extension do not refer to SQLite3 extension at any point.

So my question is: Am I OK using PHP’s SQLSRV Functions? or they are not the state of the art? I did choose them because aparently they have MS support.

Please notice that I am not asking for a recomendation, just if what I choose is OK

How to&Answers:

As I understand it the SQLSRV functions aren’t actually PHP’s per se since they are part of a package maintained by Microsoft outside the main PHP project. They are however one of the two best bets for working with MS SQL Server (PDO_SQLSRV being the other) since they are currently maintained.

They are both currently Windows only.