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sql server – "Unexpected error from external database driver (1)."

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I have .xlsx file with 27,000 rows. When executing the SSIS package on the server I get the above error. I have tried running the package in 32-bit mode, it did not work. Microsoft does not have a good explanation. I have installed access driver on my machine and on the server.

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Assuming that you tried running in 32-bit, and you downloaded Access Database Engine and the issue is not solved

This is caused by a windows security update, this is noticed in the Microsoft Support article, also they provided patches link.

There is a similar question on MSDN about this issue, read the accepted answers:

Side Note: Try opening the Excel and saving it as new Excel workbook to ensure that the excel is not damaged


Remove the Ace Oledb driver 10 and install Ace 2016 version .The Security patch Microsoft provided in October 2017 is causing this issue. Test your SSIS package locally ,if everything is fine install Ace 2016 version on your server .

Here is the download link:


This issue is caused if the Excel file is in Read-Only mode. Changing the Read-Only mode will fix the issue.

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