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sql server – Why isn't my data writing to the excel destination? SSIS

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I have created a SSIS package that exports several rows to Excel, usually less than 200 (including the header). When I run it in VS2015 Debug everything turns green.

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I even wait like this question says.

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Still, nothing but the header ever gets to the file.

I know it’s not much data, but I’m trying to automate it as the data will eventually grow and I don’t want to manually run this all the time.

Any ideas? I’m using SQL Server 2012 and wrote this SSIS package with VS2015.

How to&Answers:

Something that occasionally happens with Excel destinations is that hidden formatting will cause the data flow connector to begin writing data at a row other than 1.

If this happens, you’ll need to recreate your template from a fresh Excel document, and reconstruct the header as needed.


It depends on the buffer size that underlying process uses. I monitored the consumption of C: drive while the SSIS package was writing to the Excel destination, and found that the space was getting full, and as soon the whole space is occupied package ended with success without writing any row to excel destination. Therefore I cleared enough space from my C: drive (around 2 GB) and everything started working fine then.

Also found the following useful thread that might be helpful for someone.

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