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sum – Adding up all the positive numbers in Excel

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Is there a way to add up all of the positive numbers in a row/column but ignoring all of the negative numbers? Like SUM(), except that it ignores negative numbers. Would I have to use VBA? If so, how would I do it in VBA?

If it can’t be done in Excel, can it be done in OpenOffice Calc?

How to&Answers:

Use SUMIF. YTo sum all the positive numbers in Column A:


Same function exists in Excel and Calc




Sure like this:


This will add all positive numbers in cells B1 to B50.




SUMIF() will do the trick:


You could also use an array formula, but that’s more complicated and has no benefit over SUMIF()


Get auxiliary row/colums, in another tab if necessary them fill them with =if(A5>0;A5;0). That will turn negatives to zero. Then sum those.


I am an excel noob…and after an hour or so of wondering what I am doing wrong and why wont it work for me, I realize how important each symbol is. this formula should have a semicolon instead of comma. Once I changed that the formula didn’t give me any errors
hope this helps