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symfony – windows 10 php 7.2 memcached

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When I am transferring project to Windows (framework symfony), issue appears when running the command Composer update. I realized that on the server module is missing php mencached version php 7.2. I cannot find anywhere the module, could any one suggest me where can I find it or how can I compile, and where can I get the sours code& how to compile it.
Many thanks

How to&Answers:
  • check phpinfo() for found this information:

    Compiler: MSVC14

    Architecture: x64

    PHP Extension Build: API20160303,NTS,VC14

  • Based on information in phpinfo(); choose right dll:

    Source: https://github.com/nono303/PHP7-memcache-dll
    Folder (based on example): vc14 / x64 / nts

  • Copy to php_memcache.dll to \PHP\v7.1\ext

  • Enable php_memcache in php.ini, add line:


  • Check if you see ‘memcache’ section in phpinfo();