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getPixel from HTML Canvas?

December 5, 2017 Javascript Leave a comment

Questions: Is it possible to query a HTML Canvas object to get the color at a specific location? Answers: There’s a section about pixel manipulation in the W3C documentation. Here’s an exa...

Get HTML code from website in C#

December 5, 2017 c# Leave a comment

Questions: How to get the HTML code from a website, save it, and find some text by a LINQ expression? I’m using the following code to get the source of a web page: public static String code(stri...

HTML5 WebSockets Client for .NET

December 5, 2017 c# Leave a comment

Questions: So, I found that amazing thing called HTML5 WebSockets, new API. That is still in DRAFT version, but quite well supported. Full-duplex bi-directional communication. I know how to use it via...