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Google login error via Azure

November 29, 2017 Swift Leave a comment

Questions: In my app I want to use Google login, so for that I am using Azure Services. From Google, I am able to login successfully and get all the details but the following error occurs on the Azure...

Login to website, via C#

November 28, 2017 c# Leave a comment

Questions: I’m relatively new to using C#, and have an application that reads parts of the source code on a website. That all works; but the problem is that the page in question requires the use...

Processing Login with Sentry 2

November 28, 2017 Php Leave a comment

Questions: I’m having trouble understanding Sentry 2 implementation for login. I mean in Sentry it was pretty strait forward. Provide username/email and password from Input to Sentry::login() me...