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time – How to convert a "HH:MM:SS" string to seconds with PHP?

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Is there a native way of doing "HH:MM:SS" to seconds with PHP 5.3 rather than doing a split on the colon’s and multipling out each section the relevant number to calculate the seconds?

For example in Python you can do :

string time = "00:01:05";
double seconds = TimeSpan.Parse(time).TotalSeconds;

How to&Answers:

The quick way:

echo strtotime('01:00:00') - strtotime('TODAY'); // 3600


This should do the trick:

list($hours,$mins,$secs) = explode(':',$time);
$seconds = mktime($hours,$mins,$secs) - mktime(0,0,0);


I think the easiest method would be to use strtotime() function:

$time = '21:30:10';
$seconds = strtotime("1970-01-01 $time UTC");
echo $seconds;


Function date_parse() can also be used for parsing date and time:

$time = '21:30:10';
$parsed = date_parse($time);
$seconds = $parsed['hour'] * 3600 + $parsed['minute'] * 60 + $parsed['second'];



Unfortunately not – as PHP isn’t strongly typed there’s no concept of a time type and hence no means to convert between such a string and a “seconds” value.

As such, in practice people often split the string and multiply out each section as you mentioned.