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timestamp – Excel formatting time as regular numbers

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I’ve pasted into an excel file lots of number such as 43:11 or 22:06. These represent goals scored and goals against. However excel is recognising them as dates and times. I want it so that I have two columns with 43 and then 11 for example, instead of 43:11. Whatever I have tried it has become confused because it things of it as a time. I’ve tried formatting as text, numbers etc. Any ideas?

How to&Answers:

This will work in Excel 2016 (other versions have the same functionality but the menus may be slightly different):

  1. Copy your numbers to the clipboard
  2. In Excel, select the Home ribbon
  3. Click the downward arrow under the Paste button (the leftmost icon on the ribbon).
  4. Select Use Text Import Wizard
  5. Wizard appears. Make sure Delimited is checked and My data has headers is not checked.
  6. Click Next.
  7. In the Delimiters group, uncheck Space, check Other and in the box next to it type :
  8. Click Finish


If you are typing values into a cell, then format the cell as Text before typing. If you are importing material from an external source, then tell the Import Wizard that the field containing these values is Text.