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Turn off Xcode's unused variable warnings while typing

Posted by: admin November 30, 2017 Leave a comment


I’m sick to death of Xcode’s prolific use of live “unused variable” warnings while I am typing. I keep thinking I have an error in my syntax, stop what I’m doing, check the warning, only to see it’s an unused variable warning!

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Of course it’s unused, I just typed it!

I don’t mind the compile-time unused variable warnings, those are useful, but I HATE the live warnings as I’m typing code.

Is there any way I can turn off this warning completely everywhere, either app-wide or for an entire project?


It seems as of currently, we cannot suppress specific warnings in the way #pragma clang diagnostic ... could be used for obj-C. See e.g. the following thread

There is possible to disable all interactive warnings globally, by disabling Show live issues, from Xcode -> Preferences: Tab General. This, however, in excess of disabling all live warnings, also disable live errors, so something I presume you wouldn’t want to resort to.

[Build warnings] You can turn off custom build warnings project-wide as follows:

  • Select your project in the navigator, and choose tab Build Settings. Find Apple LLVM 7.0 – Warnings – All Languages, and disable the warnings for Unused Values and Unused Variables.

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