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uicollectionview – android table with more than one column like iOS collectionView

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is there a custom UI element on android that will behave like iOS collection view?
[like a grid view, that is scrollable] or do I have to make a custom table layout custom cells that behave like columns?

here a shot of a UICollectionView for iOS
uiCollection View

is there an example for this?


How to&Answers:

I don’t know the collection view in iOS, but I guess TableLayout is what you are looking for.


In API14+ there is GridLayout as well.



Since the previous answer does not reflect performance issues, such as it does not use recycling (which is important for long lists), here is what you are probably looking for:

GridView if your building blocks are all equal in size

or ListView (and a lot of custom logic) if your building blocks have different sizes/widths


This is old, but the Google team have created a widget used in the IO 2014 app that’s perfect. It allows for variable column rows and even headers out of the box.


You’d have to dig through the source for how it’s used, but it’s really easy and great to use.


Gridview is best replacement of Collection View of IOS. following URL will solve your problem.



Nowadays RecyclerView is what you’re looking for. GridView and others are considered legacy API now. RecyclerView is able to handle these type of layouts more efficiently.