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Ultimate chars to escape list for php, javascript and mysql

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Many sites uses php and javascript and mysql. I’d like to know the chars to escape, when and how, for the site security(not paranoid but good security)(and performance).
This is what I do now:
When saving user submited string:

//I set the utf8 charset everywhere
$str = urldecode($str);
$str = trim($_POST['name']);
if (mb_strlen($str, 'utf-8') <= $maxsize) //{...
//remove tab, null, backspace, controlz chars
$str = str_replace(array("\t","\x00","\x08","\x1a"),"",$str);
$str = str_replace(["%","_"],["\%","\_"],$str); // if I use like in the query
//I use prepared statement to insert in db, so i dont need to escape quotes and others
$stmt = $sql->prepare("INSERT INTO atable (acol) VALUES (?)");
$stmt->bind_param('s', $str);

Now when displaying a string from the db, with php echo, that could also be javascript code and vars. I replace with entities these: <>&'”`\$%{}[]_; .

$a = array("<",">","&","'",'"',"\","$","%","_","{","}","[","]",";");
$b = array("&lt;","&gt;","&","'",""","\","$","%","_","{","}","[","]",";");
$str = str_replace($a,$b,$str);
echo $str;

Anything wrong? Missing or unnecessary chars ?

The left/right single/double quotation mark (like w3schools calls em) can be dangerous ???