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Update Android SDK Tool to 22.0.4(Latest Version) from 22.0.1

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I want to Update my Android SDK Tool from 22.0.1 to 22.0.4

I also Have ADT installed, but could not update the SDK Tool to 22.0.4

I am facing the following issue :

Download interrupted: Read timed out issue.

Below is the screen shot while updating SDK :

enter image description here
Can anyone help me :

Thanks in Advance.

EDITED : I Found the Solution For above problem and have added the Solution as an answer. If anyone has the same problem, he/she can also solve
this issue as explained.

How to&Answers:

I viewed the Eclipse ADT documentation and found out the way to get around this issue. I was able to Update My SDK Tool to 22.0.4 (Latest Version).

Solution is: First Update ADT to 22.0.4(Latest version) and then Update SDK Tool to
22.0.4(Latest Version)

The above link says,

ADT 22.0.4 is designed for use with SDK Tools r22.0.4. If you haven’t
already installed SDK Tools r22.0.4 into your SDK, use the Android SDK
Manager to do so

What I had to do was update my ADT to 22.0.4 (Latest Version) and then I was able to update SDK tool to 22.0.4. I thought only SDK Tool has been updated not ADT, so I was updating the SDK Tool with Older ADT Version (22.0.1).

How to Update your ADT to Latest Version

  1. In Eclipse go to Help
  2. Install New Software —> Add
  3. inside Add Repository write the Name: ADT (or whatever you want)
  4. and Location: https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/eclipse/
  5. after loading you should get Developer Tools and NDK Plugins
  6. check both if you want to use the Native Developer Kit (NDK) in the future or check Developer Tool only
  7. click Next
  8. Finish


I’m on OSX, I was using Android Studio instead of ADT and I had this issue, my problem was being behind a proxy with authentication, for what ever reason, In Android SDK Manager Window, under Preferences -> Others, I needed to uncheck the

“Force https://… sources to be fetched using http://…”

Also, there was no place to put the proxy credentials, but it will prompt you for them.


You may need to go to Window -> Android SDK Manager -> Packages -> Reload to fetch latest updates and then update the SDK.


I faced the same issue, I tried the below solution and it worked for me
In Android SDK Manager Window, click on Tools->Options-> under “Others”, check "Force https://... sources to be fetched using http://..."


Have you tried this http://tools.android.com/preview-channel ?
Download preview channel. After that, install ADT Preview.


run Android SDK Manager as administrator.
that solved my problem

sudo android