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Updating existing data object using vuex store

Posted by: admin November 26, 2021 Leave a comment


I have search google and went to every possible Q&A and I couldn’t figure out what to do.

I have a vueX store action that updating user data from one component(that works fine!)

But, I want to update the same user data object by adding another key & value to the object and not overwrite the current state.


const mutations = {
    updateUser(state, user) {
        console.log("Mutation User:", user);
        state.userToSave = user


const actions = {
    updateCurrentUser({ commit }, user) {
        commit('updateUser', user)
        console.log("User: \n", user)

First time I called the dispatch to update user data object from a signup form(work fine! I get all the data I need):

    type: "updateCurrentUser",
    user: this.userObject

Second time I called the dispatch in order to add specific key to the object:(overwriting the exist data and replace it only with this.designID value

  this.closeModalDesign = false;
    type: "updateCurrentUser",
    user: this.designID
  this.paymentInit = true;

Any suggestions? I would like to receive a short explanation also, it will help me to better understand all the vuex thing


It looks like you’re updating the whole user object instead of just overwriting the user’s "designID". To overwrite only the user’s designID you would need to create a new vuex mutation:

updateUserDesignID: (state, designID) => {
  state.user.designID = designID

then call from your component:

  type: "updateUserDesignID",
  designID: this.designID