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Using Android Youtube API to play Live streams

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I am developing an Android app that uses the Android Youtube API.
I can successfully play any video from Youtube. However, when I try to play a live stream, I encounter some issues:

  • When the latest version of Youtube is installed on my device (Youtube 11.13.56), I get the following message :
    “There was a problem while playing, Tap to retry”

  • After removing youtube updates and going back to “youtube 10.18.55” version, everything works fine.

Any idea to handle this problem ?

Thanks for your help

Environment: Samsung Galaxy S4, Android 5.0.1, YouTubeAndroidPlayerApi-1.2.2

How to&Answers:

It seems like YouTube fixed their SDK and live videos are now working again.


Based from this thread, there is no difference in playing any videos from YouTube and playing a live stream. Latest version of YouTube app must also play live stream.

public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

  YouTubePlayerView youTubeView = (YouTubePlayerView) findViewById(R.id.youtube_view);
  youTubeView.initialize(DEVELOPER_KEY, this);
public void onInitializationSuccess(YouTubePlayer.Provider provider,
        YouTubePlayer player, boolean wasRestored) {

    player.loadVideo("UT86BH2LVUU"); //live vid


Make sure that you integrated broadcasts and streams properly based from this documentation. The stream provides the content that will be broadcast to YouTube users. Once created, a liveStream resource can be bound to one or more liveBroadcast resources.

Here are examples using YouTube Live Streaming API.