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Using H-lookups in excel

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I am searching through 1000’s of lines of data and I’m looking for specific info in these cells and if it appears id like the end cell to have a tick in or turn red and ect. for easy distinguish.

So in short what I am looking for would be

All Selected cells    
if (all cell a-z Contain "Admin"){
    Tick cell AA
How to&Answers:

You should check for Admin inside a concatenation of the cells A1:Z1. This concatenation is achieved via A1&B1&C1&...&X1&Y1&Z1. So, for example, in cell AA1, enter

=IF(ISERROR(FIND("Admin",A1&B1&C1&...&X1&Y1&Z1)),"not found","found")

where you replace ... with the remaining cells in the range.


I have worked out a solution to the range issue instead of highlighting all of the cells


Hope this helps anyone else out there.


One way of doing this is as follows. In the cell you want the indicator have the following code, and assuming that you are looking for the value a – replace “a” with the value you are looking for.


You can then use conditional formating that says if the cell is > 0 then turn it red, or have an adjacent field that has a conditional format to put in a traffic light, tick mark, whatever and hide the previous field.

Hope this helps