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Using Reporting Services Excel data spreadsheet shows ####

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When I export my rdl file to excel the date/time shows up as



. I researched it and it said to make the columns wider. I got it to work but im on the edge of the page. When I export to pdf everything is messed up because of the width. Is there another way to stop the excel spreadsheet data from showing up as


# other than widening the columns?

How to&Answers:

“How come other text fields are able to go to the next line but the date/time cant in excel?”

Try converting the datetime to string:

=CStr(Format(Fields!Target_Date.Value,”dd-MM-yyyy hh:mm:ss”))

Make sure the format of the textbox is set to ‘General’, or the Format property is blank.

This will allow the date and time to wrap in the textbox. The downside is excel now thinks this date is a string, which if there is to be no further manipulation of this, should not cause an issue.