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vba – After database corruption, errors are being produced

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I had a split database working fine on a clients machine for over 2 years. Due to unknown circumstances the database became corrupted. And was fixed by the removal of a couple of corrupted records.

The front end has now began to produce the following errors:



These errors will be thrown individually when a user performs a certain action.

How can it be that these errors have suddenly started to show themselves up when before everything was working fine?

Without wanting to bog down this question with code, the premise of the forms when the error occurs are that:

A form is open and an excel spreadsheet may also be open that relates
to that record.

On save/close of the excel spreadsheet a corresponding field in the database record is updated.

The user decides to ‘Update Excel Spreadsheet’ or ‘Save and Close’

The errors occur on Before_Update events on the access form

Is there any reason that these errors might have started occurring in what appeared to be a perfectly working system?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

How to&Answers:

I have resolved the issue by including in the code an appropriate update record:

If Me.Dirty = True then
Me.Dirty = False
End if

Still don’t understand how the errors began to arise though after the DB became corrupted? The forms/buttons/actions would have been used daily by the users during their working week for over 2 years.