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vba – Capture / Read message displayed in the Excel Application status bar

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I have created VBA code that updates an Excel sheet, refreshes the Data Connection and saves the Excel sheet.

The problem : while the Data connection is still getting refreshed, the VBA code moves to the next step of Saving the Excel, and a pop-up prompting the user to Cancel the refresh appears (which it shouldn’t because the refresh has to happen and a user input defeats the purpose of the VBA code). Below is a snippet:

    While (InStr(1, Application.DisplayStatusBar, "Running background query") > 0)

    While (InStr(1, Application.StatusBar, "Running background query") > 0)


enter image description here
Question : How can I capture this text in the Status Bar so that I can wait till it disappears?
Application.StatusBar does NOT do the trick.

How to&Answers:

Here’s a few things to try:

1) Go to the connection properties and uncheck “Enable background refresh”. It should wait for the refresh to end before executing your next line of code. Or in code:

ActiveWorkbook.Connections("CONNECTION_NAME").ODBCConnection.BackgroundQuery = False

2) Try the method CalculateUntilAsyncQueriesDone


If you’re working in Excel 2010 or later it should wait until this is all done.

3) Possible third option, just a DoEvents command