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vba – Excel Solver Password: what is it and where can it be acquired/bought?

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I’ve been exploring VBA and excel and I’ve been writing a few basic codes around the Excel Solver. However robust the Excel Solver may appear, it’s just not fast enough for my optimization problem (one iteration takes 20 minutes).

I’ve been looking around and speaking with more experienced programmers, and the consensus is that VBA is simply not fast and that C++, C#, and especially CUDA languages are much faster.

Looking at the VBA modules in Excel, the Solver module is locked by a password. I’ve been searching for that password and where it can be acquired for weeks to no avail.

Questions: Can this password be acquired? If so, how? Can it be bought from Microsoft? How much?

Objective: To get the Solver VBA to be able to potentially convert it to C# or C++ to make the optimization process faster.

I’ve looked at Microsoft Solver Foundation but it wasn’t helpful.

Thank you.

How to&Answers:

You can use this password to unlock the SOLVER.XLAM project;



The Solver solution module is not written in VBA: its already in C++.
It is proprietary software developed by FrontLine Systems, who also market more capable solvers for a premium price. see



Have you tried turning off Auto Calculate? If not it’s under: Options > Formulas.

I have a file with 15 worksheets and if I updated 1 cell it would recalc all sheets 🙁
I turned off auto calc and now use the ShiftKey+F9 to recalc the sheet I’m on.
Much faster now.