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vba – Excel won't show the workbooks worksheets

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I have an Excel Workbook containing three worksheets. However all sheets seem to be hidden dispite that their visibility is set to xlSheetVisible (Found by looking at the worksheet properties in the VBA editor).

This is what I have tried so far to solve the problem.

  • Searched Google for help, but all similar problems have been solved by changing the Visibility from xlSheetHidden to xlSheetVisible. But in my case that setting is already set to xlVisible.

    • By using VBA I have tried to activate a sheet without any result.

By reading this you might have guessed that I am able to see and access the worksheets from the VBA editor.

Despite that looking at the normal Excel userinterface, all buttons are disabled and clicking at the office/file button in the topleft corner doesn’t allow me to save the workbook. However if I make any changes to the VBA itself and tries to close the workbook then Excel asks whether or not I would like to save the workbook.

How to&Answers:

Everything you describe leads me to believe you’re hiding the workbook window, not the worksheets. When a workbook window is hidden, all the sheets become hidden and much of the functionality from the toolbar greys out.

In the Visual Basic Editor, you’d also be able to see all of the worksheets and their visibility would be xlVisible, yet they cannot be seen on the screen. This is because they ARE visible, but the window which displays them is not.

Please try clicking the View tab in the toolbar, and then under the Window pane, click Unhide.

enter image description here

If this doesn’t work, then try toggling visibility of the workbook.


It sounds like this may really be your problem…