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vba – How to send parameters to microsoft access query so that I can import an access parameter query to excel?

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I need to import a microsoft access query that has popup input parameters into excel. I tried the code below but it does not work. I receive error 93 that tells me that object or object variable is not set.

I would like to be able to reference two cells in excel that contain the values of the current and previous month and then send these values as inputs to the access query, but for now I entered them in VBA to keep it simple.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Sub Acess_Connection()
     Dim dbs As DAO.Database
     Dim rst As DAO.Recordset
     Dim qdf As DAO.QueryDef
     Dim i As Long
     Dim wsh As Worksheet

     Set dbs = DBEngine.OpenDatabase("filepath")                         
     Set qdf = dbs.QueryDefs("parameter_query")

     qdf.Parameters("Date_PreviousMonth") = "31.12.2018"
     qdf.Parameters("Date_CurrentMonth") = "31.01.2019"

     Set rst = qdf.OpenRecordset("parameter_query")          
     Set wsh = Worksheets("Sheet1")

     For i = 0 To rst.Fields.Count - 1   
         wsh.Cells(1, i + 1).Value = rst.Fields(i).Name      

     wsh.Range("A1").Resize(ColumnSize:=rst.Fields.Count).Font.Bold = True
     wsh.Range("A2").CopyFromRecordset rst

     Set rst = Nothing
     Set dbs = Nothing
 End Sub
How to&Answers:

I tested setting query parameters via VBA with a very simple query and it works with following adjustments.

  1. query object must have PARAMETERS clause and parameters under appropriate field(s)

  2. use # delimiters for date criteria #12/31/2018#

  3. Set rst = qdf line does not use query name as argument, the variable qdf provides the name so correct to
    Set rst = qdf.OpenRecordset() which will use the default recordset type.

  4. for early binding, select Microsoft Office 14.0 Access Database Engine Object Library in VBA editor, at least for more recent versions of Excel


You may have to pass valid date values to the parameters:

qdf.Parameters("Date_PreviousMonth").Value = #12/31/2018#
qdf.Parameters("Date_CurrentMonth").Value = #01/31/2019#


Try adding square brackets around your parameters name so:

qdf.Parameters("[" & "Date_PreviousMonth" & "]") = "31.12.2018"