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vba – IF construct in Excel

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Can anyone help me perform the following…


      A    B C D

row 1 ODZN 2 3 

row 2 EAXO 3 4

I need a IF then statement which gives this logic…

  1. If A:1 is ODZN, then D1=(B:1)*(C:1)*5 , else if
  2. If A:2 is EAXO, then D1=(B:2)*(C:2)*20 … and so on with different variables….
    every different variable has a different multiplier…….

and I’ll copy and drag the formula down a large set of data and eventually into a macro

could anyone help.. and possibly advise me what I need to define as a variable…

The multiplier is set by me manually. The variables will be defined in excel.


How to&Answers:

I suppose you mean:

for a row, if value in column A is ODZN / EAXO, then value in column D gets a multiplier 5 / 20.



and then drag.

You can nest as many IF as you want. (Here I use I an unnecessary 0 to show how IF can be nested, it can be simplified as IF(A1="ODZN",5,20)).

Of course, you can write a function, then it will be like


However, macros need authentication to run in later versions of Excel. I would recommend the formula solution if the value variation is not that many.