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vba – Why are Excel RGB values backwards?

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This function is an example. Note that the RGB values are actually BGR values. Why does excel do this?

 Function GetRGB(ByVal cell As Range) As String

 Dim R As String, G As String
 Dim b As String, hexColor As String
 hexCode = Hex(cell.Interior.Color)

 'Note the order excel uses for hex is BGR.
 b = Val("&H" & Mid(hexCode, 1, 2))
 G = Val("&H" & Mid(hexCode, 3, 2))
 R = Val("&H" & Mid(hexCode, 5, 2))

 GetRGB = R & ":" & G & ":" & b
 End Function
How to&Answers:

Excel RGB values are not backwards, actually Excel or in a broader sense, windows uses BGR color model.

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