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vba – Word freezes, when macro calls Excel to open

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I am trying to import data from an Excel sheet into Word.

But I am failing pretty quickly. Word gets stuck right at the beginning.

My code is a simple as that:

Sub ImportDataFromExcel()

    Dim XLapp As Excel.Application

    Set XLapp = New Excel.Application    

End Sub

Here is what happens:
Excel opens up.
But Word freezes immediately. I have to force quit Word.
Word would not get to any further line of code I had included. It stops at „Set XLapp = New Excel.Application“.

I tried a couple of things:
I wrote similar code to open PowerPoint. That worked.

I wrote similar code into PowerPoint, to open Word from there. That worked.

I wrote the same code, that I posted here, into PowerPoint, to open Excel. That failed the same way!

And I also tried on a different Mac. Also there, same thing: Word freezes, when calling on Excel.

I am using Office 365 with Word and Excel for Mac, Version 16.24.
As macro-reference in VBA I use the „Microsoft Excel 16.0 Object Library“.
I am running MacOS Mojave (10.14.3) on my Mac.

Can anyone please help me?

How to&Answers:

I have no experience with this issue on Mac Os, but maybe rewriting the same code in a different way, will work. Try this:

Dim XLapp As New Excel.Application

Hope this helps.


Try this please

Sub ImportDataFromExcel()

    Dim XLapp As Object

    Set XLapp = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

End Sub

Maybe MAC do not recoginized the excel library