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Very easy Android geofence example

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I have tried to do the android developer training. However, my program is not working. I just want to register one simple Geofence like:

mZielGeofence = new SimpleGeofence(

I don’t want to use a database, because I only want to try to enter one specific Geofence, like the one above.

Has someone of you found a nice tutorial, with an in detail documentation, or has a simple code example for me? I only need to add 1 Geofence and react to an enter event.

Many thanks in advance

How to&Answers:

I found this to be a complete and working example, with many details.



The tutorial that you are using is excellent. What I can recommend you is a really awesome library that can help you to do it easily, it uses Google Play Service and Fences. I already tried it and it works excellent.


The following tutorial is very good, easy to follow, has a lot sample code, and it’s made by Google.


Tomtom has a Geofencing API with what you can easily create and edit fences that are stored in the Geofencing API service. It supports the following shape types:

  • circle
  • rectangle
  • corridor
  • polygon

Also, you can search for POI (Points of Interest) or geometry (that is handled by the Search API service) and receive its shape boundaries.

Link to the API here: