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Virtualenv: workon command not found

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I have installed virtualenv and the virtualwrapper via apt-get, I got to a point where I created a virtual enviroment but however later on during that same day when I used the workon command it was not found. I further on went and inspected my home directory and .virtualenvs dir and the virtualenv I created earlier were still there …any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Solving this problem took two steps:

Add this to your .bashrc / .bash_profile / .zshrc:

# load virtualenvwrapper for python (after custom PATHs)
/usr/bin/which -s $venvwrap
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
    venvwrap=`/usr/bin/which $venvwrap`
    source $venvwrap

Then use:

source .bash_profile
# or .bashrc / .zshrc

to reflect the changes.

Additionally, if the terminal still sometimes cant find workon, use source .bash_profile to reset and find it again.


Read the readme in the top of which virtualenvwrapper.sh
You need to source it inside bashrc


type source .profile in home directory from terminal.

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