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Vue.js – Binding array with multiple keys with same name

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I am trying to pass multiple values through Vue.js, under the same key name to keep it dynamic.

This is my code:


<search-popover :fields="[{
 names: ['Title1', 'value1'],
 names: ['Title2', 'value2'],

Now, in my Popover.vue file, I only get the last element of the :fields:

<ul v-for="field in fields">
       <h5>{{ field.names[0] }}</h5>
       {{ values[field.names[1]]}}

Will output:


How can I do, so I can set the values of :fields dynamically, so I can access the array in my v-for, and it will output:



the problem is in

 names: ['Title1', 'value1'],
 names: ['Title2', 'value2'],

where you are creating 1 array containing only 1 object.

(when an object has duplicated properties, the latter one is used. Therefore, { names: ['Title1', 'value1'], names: ['Title2', 'value2'], } is equilavant to { names: ['Title2', 'value2'], })

What you want is probably 1 array containing 2 objects, which should be

    { names: ['Title1', 'value1'] }, 
    { names: ['Title2', 'value2'] }, 


You are not able to have the same key name more than once or the last key will be the only one display.

Correctly iterating through names must be with its own object. Like this:

:fields = "[
  { names: ['Title1', 'value1'] }, 
  { names: ['Title2', 'value2'] }

As written by @jacobgoh