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Vue.js $emit event from parent and receive it on a component (child)

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I can’t seem to get this working!

I have added the $emit code to my click event to emit a custom event.

<h2 class="form_section--header">Business Hours - <a href="javascript:void(0)" v-on:click="$emit('addBusinessHours', null)">Add New</a></h2>

I then listen for this event on my component within the same Vue application, I do this on the template, I would much rather do this within the code:

<business-hours :injected-data="hours" :injected-days="data.days[0]" v-on:addBusinessHours="test()">

Not sure if this will affect it, but my business-hours component is within another component.


I’d recommend you using a separate class in order to emit events from components.

First create your Event class, as an example, I’m calling EventBus.

/* Events.js */
import Vue from 'vue';
export const EventBus = new Vue();

Then you import to the component you wish to emit the values from:

import {EventBus} from '@/events.js'

Then you dispatch the event

<h2 class="form_section--header">Business Hours - <a href="javascript:void(0)" v-on:click="emitEvent('addBusinessHours', null)">Add New</a></h2>

emitEvent(name, params) { EventBus.$emit( name , params ); }

On your business-hours component you import the EventBus and add an event listener to listen to the dispatched event

created() { 
   EventBus.$on('addBusinessHours' , () => console.log('Business hours component received event from other component' );

That should give you a way forward towards sending and receiving events with Vue.
You can also check this tutorial for reference for a better understanding of how Events works.


Good luck