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Web "frameworks" for Haxe to deploy in a PHP environment?

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Lately I’ve been taking a look at Haxe, to build an application to be deployed to Apache running PHP. Well, while it looks like it might suit my needs (deploying to PHP, but not using an awful language), I haven’t found anything to make the actual application development easier than building a traditional non-MVC PHP app. Are there any toolkits/frameworks that I’m missing, that would be worthwhile?

It’d be nice if it were MVC inspired, and I’d definitely want an easy way to use nice URLS, though I could settle for mod_rewrite rules if necessary.

Edit: The idea is to not use something like CakePHP on the PHP end, but to instead use something like CakePHP on the Haxe end.

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There is a port of PureMVC for Haxe: https://github.com/PureMVC/puremvc-haxe-standard-framework/wiki

As far as I know this the only thing for Haxe, but there are discussions on the mailing list about creating a own framework, but this could take a while.


I’m happy to say that haXigniter has been completely rewritten, to get away from the PHP-framework-style as mentioned by Marek. Now it adheres much more to better OO-principles and is also a standard haXe library, so upgrades are much simpler. Please check it out at http://github.com/ciscoheat/haxigniter.


I see that someone is starting to develop an MVC framework for Haxe called “Hails”, though I don´t know if it is usable yet.

hails: A minimal Rails-inspired MVC web-framework for Haxe / PHP



Take a look at HaXigniter, a new kid on the block:



I would recon you to do your own.
The problem with frameworks above (Excluding PureMVC) is that they were designed for particular language.
Haxigniter is a good copy, but it has the architecture that was kind of enforced by PHP4.

Its a good excersise!
Let’s you understand the differences and work out bottomline mechanics – and this is very important as your haxe code will be translated ( so you have double abstraction 1. translation 2. framework its good to know how to work thing out ;])


There is also ufront:

It works with php and neko.


I am working on a Haxe-based toolkit/framework for NekoVM/PHP. It is also built around a Zend Framework/Ruby-on-Rails-ish MVC workflow and has various classes for authentication, caching, form validation, session management etc. It can be compiled to both NekoVM and PHP and I have already used this library for a couple of websites. Unfortunately there is not much documentation available right now but I am working on that for the upcoming version 1 release of the library.

The project is hosted at http://code.google.com/p/toolkat


forum FAQ ( 7th entry ), but the list and links may not be still relevant, so below is a revised list of some that seem current.

But if you are interested in just MVC structures then I suspect more robot legs type approaches maybe better, and injection is also useful.