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What do you use the Android Terminal Emulator for?

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Why is there a terminal emulator in the Android App Market?

How to&Answers:

So you can get direct access to the commandline?

Android is based on Linux, so it’s essentially the Linux commandline you’d be accessing here

If you don’t know the Linux commandline:


Please note that it’ll be a somewhat limited environment – you might need to root your phone to get access to everything, also some commands won’t be available, you probably want to install something like Busybox to get a more featureful environment.



As above – it’s for shell access, once you have root.

I’ve mainly just used it for browsing the file structure to get a better idea of where everything sits.


We use terminal emulator on Android for executing Linux core shells or other shells and program like that. It is a very useful app for Android developers.