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what is python equivalent to PHP $_SERVER?

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I couldn’t find out python equivalent to PHP $_SERVER.

Is there any? Or, what are the methods to bring equivalent results?

Thanks in advance.

How to&Answers:

Using mod_wsgi, which I would recommend over mod_python (long story but trust me) … Your application is passed an environment variable such as:

def application(environ, start_response):

And the environment contains typical elements from $_SERVER in PHP


And so on.


Good Luck

The real correct answer is use something like Flask


You don’t state it explicitly, but I assume you are using mod_python? If so, (and if you don’t want to use mod_wsgi instead as suggested earlier) take a look at the documentation for the request object. It contains most of the attributes you’d find in $_SERVER.
An example, to get the full URI of the request, you’d do this:

def yourHandler(req):

The querystring attribute will now contain the request’s querystring, that is, the part after the ‘?’. (So, for http://www.example.com/index?this=test, querystring would be this=test)