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What is the equivalent of real_escape_string() for PDO? [duplicate]

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This question already has an answer here:


You should use PDO Prepare

From the link:

Calling PDO::prepare() and PDOStatement::execute() for statements that will be issued multiple times with different parameter values optimizes the performance of your application by allowing the driver to negotiate client and/or server side caching of the query plan and meta information, and helps to prevent SQL injection attacks by eliminating the need to manually quote the parameters.


PDO offers an alternative designed to replace mysql_escape_string() with the PDO::quote() method.

Here is an excerpt from the PHP website:

    $conn = new PDO('sqlite:/home/lynn/music.sql3');

    /* Simple string */
    $string = 'Nice';
    print "Unquoted string: $string\n";
    print "Quoted string: " . $conn->quote($string) . "\n";

The above code will output:

Unquoted string: Nice
Quoted string: 'Nice'


Use prepared statements. Those keep the data and syntax apart, which removes the need for escaping MySQL data. See e.g. this tutorial.