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What is your preferred WordPress theme framework?

Posted by: admin November 30, 2017 Leave a comment


First of all I must say I am more a programmer than a designer, so my knowledge and capability for designing a “fancy” interface is not on par with a normal web designer.

I often come in situations like customers want me to finish their blog – or mini CMS ASAP. And their first preference would usually be WordPress. No offense, but I feel it is a bit hard for me to quickly craft a theme to exactly suit their demand.

I know I can purchase or just grab some themes from online but that would not always do.

Now that there are a couple of WordPress theme FRAMEWORKS out there, accroding to this official link, I wonder if any of you have experienced with any of those, and what do you feel about it?

Personally I just downloaded and tried one of them, which is called Thematic. Spent one night struggled to customize but unfortunately I was sort of lost in the maze of files…

Maybe I should have consulted to some books about WordPress theme development, but if you can share your experience with me that would be most appreciated. Many thanks in advance!


I have good experience working with Thesis.

Very easy to configure and has BIG A*s Save Button.