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What's the correct size icon for drawable-xxhdpi?

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As we know, the correct sized icon:

* drawable-ldpi (120 dpi, Low density screen) - 36px x 36px
* drawable-mdpi (160 dpi, Medium density screen) - 48px x 48px
* drawable-hdpi (240 dpi, High density screen) - 72px x 72px
* drawable-xhdpi (320 dpi, Extra-high density screen) - 96px x 96px

On Jelly Bean, drawable-xxhdpi can be supported. So what’s the correct size icon?


Android Icon Display Densities

  • MDPI: 48×48
  • HDPI: 72×72
  • XHDPI: 96×96
  • XXHDPI: 144×144
  • XXXHDPI: 192×192

to create an icon for different densities, you should follow the 2:3:4:6:8 scaling ratio between the five primary densities (medium, high, x-high, xx-high, and xxx-high respectively)



This is a quote from a post on Google Plus https://plus.google.com/118292708268361843293/posts/ePQya3KsTjW by Nick Butcher

The gorgeous screen on the Nexus 10 falls into the XHDPI density
bucket. On tablets, Launcher uses icons from one density bucket up
[0] to render them slightly larger. To ensure that your launcher icon
(arguably your apps most important asset) is crisp you need to add a
144*144px icon in the drawable-xxhdpi or drawable-480dpi folder.

So, for the xxhdpi qualifier, you will need to create an icon of the size 144*144px for your launcher icon. You can either place it in the drawable-xxhdpi or the drawable-480dpi

EDIT: To add to the original answer to address cone of the comments by the OP.

As per this link: http://developer.android.com/guide/practices/screens_support.html#DesigningResources, alternative resources should be created using this ratio: 3:4:6:8 scaling ratio. However, if you are concerned about loosing quality with regards to your in-app drawable resource, consider using 9-patch images wherever possible. That will reduce or eliminate any loss of quality. The Android OS all by itself, does a remarkable job handling various screen sizes most of the time anyway.

As for the icon size 144*144px, create either of these two folder drawable-xxhdpi or the drawable-480dpi and place just your launcher icon of the said size in it. That should do it.


You need to add a 144*144px icon in the drawable-xxhdpi or drawable-480dpi folder.

For more information:-
Official G+ shows that xxhdpi is 480dpi:



Standart icon size in dip is 48 dip.

You might use this service for creation all size icons. (Set size – 48 dip, and other settings)