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What's the height of the Android Toolbar?

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What is the height of the Android Toolbar introduced in Lollipop? It’s a quite simple question but I haven’t found an answer here except for the ActionBar; but it has a different height.

How to&Answers:

The Toolbar (if not extended) has the height of:

  • 56dp (default)
  • 48dp (landscape)
  • 64dp (sw600dp; i.e. tablet)

The Toolbar is higher than the pre-lollipop ActionBar; it was 48dp by default, 40dp in landscape and 56dp in sw600dp.

And to retrieve the height of the Toolbar in XML, just use


or if you’re using the AppCompat library this



Call this method to get the value programmatically:

public int getToolBarHeight() {
    int[] attrs = new int[] {R.attr.actionBarSize};
    TypedArray ta = getContext().obtainStyledAttributes(attrs);
    int toolBarHeight = ta.getDimensionPixelSize(0, -1);
    return toolBarHeight;