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What's the replacement for $.browser

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The jQuery document tags $.browser as deprecated. So what’s the replacement for it?


If you really need good old $.browser

According to the docs, this feature was deprecated in 1.3,
and totally removed in 1.9, although it is still available in the official jQuery Migrate plugin.

If you want to do it right

Depending on browser detection is not a good idea. Feature detection is the way to go (Modernizr is a great tool for that). jQuery had a $.support() method to provide some feature detection, but it is now deprecated as well. They also suggest using Modernizer.

If you really need browser detection

Fixing browser quirks is not a valid use case for browser detection, but there are other use cases. Use any Javascript browser detection tool (like bowser), as this functionality does not depend on jQuery at all.


Based on jQuery migration plugin , I found this.

jQuery.uaMatch = function( ua ) {
    ua = ua.toLowerCase();
    var match = /(chrome)[ \/]([\w.]+)/.exec( ua ) ||
        /(webkit)[ \/]([\w.]+)/.exec( ua ) ||
        /(opera)(?:.*version|)[ \/]([\w.]+)/.exec( ua ) ||
        /(msie) ([\w.]+)/.exec( ua ) ||
        ua.indexOf("compatible") < 0 && /(mozilla)(?:.*? rv:([\w.]+)|)/.exec( ua ) || [];
    return {
        browser: match[ 1 ] || "",
        version: match[ 2 ] || "0"
if ( !jQuery.browser ) {
    matched = jQuery.uaMatch( navigator.userAgent ),
    browser = {};
    if ( matched.browser ) {
        browser[ matched.browser ] = true;
        browser.version = matched.version;
    // Chrome is Webkit, but Webkit is also Safari.
    if ( browser.chrome ) {
        browser.webkit = true;
    } else if ( browser.webkit ) {
        browser.safari = true;
    jQuery.browser = browser;


There isn’t a direct replacement. You should be using feature detection rather than browser detection (do you have a good reason to need to know the browser?), so you can use the $.support property. (It says as much in the API doco for $.browser.)




you can use navigator variable from javascript


but if you want to check the compatiblility with a function of jquery you can use the support var like



The jquery-browser-plugin is a good drop in replacement