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Whatsapp API php code request

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Following is my code to CodeRequest.

$username = "91xxxxxxxxxx";   
$identity = strtolower(urlencode(sha1($username, true)));
$w = new WhatsProt($username, $identity, "test", true);
$r = $w->codeRequest();


It gives the response as

stdClass Object ( [status] => sent [length] => 6 [method] => sms [retry_after] => 1805 )

But I’m not receiving message. Any suggestions please.

My other questions.

  1. Is there any restriction to request code.(Every time I use new mobile number).?
  2. For example I request a code for mobile number xxx with user agent galaxys3 shall i request another code with mobile number yyy using the same user agent?

I’m using WhatsAPI-Official

How to&Answers:

Finally I received code to mobile.

$username = "91xxxxxxxxxx";   
$identity = "myIdentity";
$w = new WhatsProt($username, $identity, "test", true);
$r = $w->codeRequest('sms',$carrier); 
$r = $w->codeRequest('voice',$carrier);   //Voice service is fast compared to sms

$carrier is getting from networkinfo.csv file.

carrier is nothing but mobile network operator(Airtel,Idea etc.,) according to your mobile country code(mcc) and mobile network code (mnc).

You can get the mnc and mcc codes from mobile-network-codes-country-codes

Get mcc and mnc codes with your location and operation match them with networkinfo.csv to get carrier name.

Eg: My number is 919xxxxxx
    country -  india ( Andhra Pradesh )
    operator - Idea

For above link mcc and mnc are for my number is 404 & 7

Now check those codes in networkinfo.csv file

404,1028,007,7,in,India,91,Idea Cellular Ltd.4

Here 404 -> mcc
and 007 -> mnc

My carrier name is Idea Cellular Ltd.4

If you send correct carrier name you will get sms/call to mobile.


Try this piece of code.

    $destinationPhone = 'xxxxxxxxxxxx';
    $w = new WhatsProt($userPhone, $userIdentity, $userName, $debug);
    $w->Message($destinationPhone, $argv[1]);

or more info refer this link..