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Where can I find a list of Android features that are deprecated by newer features?

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Is there something in the Android developers site that shows what is deprecated by a certain addition to the API?

For instance, how can a person tell what is deprecated by Fragments?

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There is always a change report whenever they release a new API, I m putting the link for latest change report for Android 4.0


There is a section where its mentioned the added and changed packages. You can click on particular package and get to know about deprecated classes and changed methods.
If you need change report of earlier versions, just reduce the no. (14) in the link and you’ll get those change reports.
Hopefully this will answer your question.


If you make the javadocs yourself from the source code, it’ll include a list of deprecated methods & classes – for example: http://www.androidjavadoc.com/2.3/index.html & click Deprecated at the top

However, getting the reverse (the answer to ‘what does this class deprecate?’) requires reading through the documentation for whatever classes are involved.


Yes. For instance, if you look at the documentation for the ActivityGroup, you’ll notice they’ve given a warning that it’s deprecated because of fragments.


I know it’s not an exhaustive list as you want but if you look at api level overview, you will have a good view of the major changes (and so deprecation), for example on 3.0: