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Where does Android store SQLite's database version?

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I am unable to find where Android stores the database version within the SQLite database file. Where exactly is the database version stored?

How to&Answers:

You can read the version using android.database.sqlite.SQLiteDatabase.getVersion().

Internally, this method executes the SQL statement “PRAGMA user_version“. I got that from the Android source code.

In the database file, the version is stored at byte offset 60 in the database header of the database file, in the field ‘user cookie’.


If someone is looking for the java code to read version from file:

private static int getDbVersionFromFile(File file) throws Exception
    RandomAccessFile fp = new RandomAccessFile(file,"r");
    byte[] buff = new byte[4];
    fp.read(buff, 0, 4);
    return ByteBuffer.wrap(buff).getInt();