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Where is the output of ProGuard's -whyareyoukeeping in Android Studio?

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I am using ProGuard in the gradle settings of my app in Android Studio. In the “Gradle Console” window I am able to read warnings from proGuard. However, when I use the whyareyoukeeping, nothing is diplayed there. Am I missing something?

Here’s an example of the way I tried to use it:

-whyareyoukeeping class com.google.android.gms.internal.zzel
How to&Answers:

I figured that if I add the “–info” flag in the command-line options of Gradle, then all the output of ProGuard is displayed in Gradle console.

Android Studio -> Project Settings


Just for the record:

For example, add the following option:

-whyareyoukeeping class **.MyApplication

Then open the Gradle Console tab (down on the right) and run “Build” > “Build SDK”. During the building, you’ll see (or will be able to look for them later) lines like these printed:

Explaining why classes and class members are being kept...

  is kept by a directive in the configuration.

If you don’t find these lines, maybe you should add --info, to Gradle Console command-line options, as Petrakeas specified, restart Android Studio and try again.


You have to check “generic” in the filters of the Messages panel.

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