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Why am I getting duplicate rows in Excel 2010 pivot table?

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I’m working with a large table (800,000 rows) of data that I am summarizing in a pivot table (Excel 2010.)

I am trying to “pivot” based on the weight of the item rounded up to the nearest 0.1LB by adding a column that contains the formula =ROUNDUP(, 1).

For some reason, the pivot table is displaying duplicate row labels:

Band        Pkg #   Processed
0.3         10,812  4,211
0.3         9,878   4,464    <<< Duplicate row label "0.3"
0.4         23,989  12,490
0.5         35,928  19,036
0.6         22,921  18,500
0.7         17,348  13,431
0.8         4,291   2,325
0.8         10,280  8,923    <<< Duplicate row label "0.8"
0.9         21,084  7,766
1           24,574  19,438
1.1         8,943   7,201
1.2         6,280   5,671
1.2         2,697   1,287    <<< Duplicate row label "1.2"
1.3         9,194   7,115
1.4         5,678   4,902
1.4         2,234   1,225    <<< Duplicate row label "1.4"
1.5         7,631   5,926

Looking at the auto-filter drop-down on the raw column of data does NOT show duplicate values, but the filter on the pivot table does.

Thinking that the ROUND() formula might be the problem, I replaced the formulas with values to simplify things — but the dupes still remain.

Any ideas on why this might be occurring?

How to&Answers:

Adding a alphanumeric suffix to the numeric labels seems to have gotten around the issue. For example, instead of the row labels looking like:

My Column

They now look like this:

My Column
"0.1 lb"
"0.2 lb"
"0.3 lb"
"0.4 lb"

and the duplicate labels in the pivot table have disappeared.

Maybe Excel was interpreting the labels as numbers and having rounding issues?


One way to resolve the issue is to use Text to Columns feature in the Data Ribbon to FORCE excel to change all the cell values to text (or whatever form you want). This means you don’t have to add the LB suffix.

Still this shuold nto be necessarry. This appears to be an Excel Bug! I ahve had the same problem and realised that even trying to change the format of the data to text any other way fails. DOn’r know why. The only way that works, trying to change tio to text is to use Text to Columns function.