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Why are @Valid annotations ignored on MultipartFile objects in Spring?

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This is a spin-off from a previous question, Spring validator class is ignored by controller. I’m struggling to make my controller accept a MultipartFile object and make Spring bind a Validator to this object. Succintly, this does not work:

public class Controller{

    private FileValidator fileValidator;

    public myObjectController(FileValidator fileValidator){
        this.fileValidator = fileValidator;

    public void initFileBinder(WebDataBinder binder) {

    public MyObject createMyObject(
        @RequestPart("file") @Valid MultipartFile file
        return null; //201 CREATED every time

public class FileValidator implements Validator{

    public boolean supports(Class<?> aClass) {
        //Breakpoint on line below is never triggered.
        return MultipartFile.class.isAssignableFrom(aClass); 

    public void validate(Object o, Errors e) {
        //validation happening here

I’m not the first person on the world wide web to face a similar problem.






All examples solve my problem my wrapping the MultipartFile in a very dumb wrapper class in order for the @Valid annotation to work. It seems as if this is necessary, but why is this necessary? I must emphasize that this particular question is not about working around my technical problem, but to understand what it is about MultipartFile that makes these objects ignored by the @Valid annotation.