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Will Javascript V8 kill all the other server-side dynamic languages? Ruby, Python, PHP?

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That’s all. It should be very nice to share the same libs on the client and on the server or not? Are JS VMs like HotRuby (http://hotruby.yukoba.jp/) a “real world” alternative or just a toy?

PS: if I ask it is because I’d like know it, please don’t close this question but just share your opinion.

How to&Answers:

Simply put: no.

To use a bit longer explanation: Server-side javascript might put a big dent in currently used scripting languages, but it won’t replace them for a few simple reasons:

  1. Legacy – there is a lot of code and libs out there already written for PHP, Python etc. Just like nobody is rushing to switch to Python3, nobody will be rushing to switch to server-side JavaScript.

  2. Brainfuck – JavaScript is, to most people, still a big brainfuck to code properly. People are used to imperative programming and ‘normal’ OOP. JavaScript is a strange mix between very weird OOP and functional programming. Not that this is bad, personally I love it, but it turns most mediocre programmers away. And let’s face it, most programmers are mediocre.

  3. Price – while things running very fast is always nice. People are a lot more expensive these days than hardware is. Transforming everything to a new paradigm, or simply having people learn a whole new way of doing things is just … expensive. Very expensive.

  4. Killer apps – this is related to point number 3. Until there is a very very very good reason to switch to server-side JavaScript people will not be willing to make the investment.

Also, to top it all off, doing server-side stuff is so vastly different from doing browser-side stuff that there is almost no conceivable need for running the same code on both ends. Even the skills required to develop on each end are vastly different.