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WordPress custom post type and permalink rewriting

Posted by: admin November 30, 2017 Leave a comment


I’m struggling with a problem I’m not able too solve.
I’ve spent a lot of hourse in codex documentation without any luck.
I’ve created a custom post type called “Products”. Products will be available in many language. Products permalink is something like: mysite.com/products/product-name What I need instead is something like this: mysite.com/language/products/product-name.
What I need to create the permalink? Have I to add some fancy rule with WP_Rewrite?
Is it possibile to have custom post type as page child’s?
I don’t really need custom taxonomy so if you know a better solution fell free to write.
Thanks for any suggestion.


You need a plugin for wordpress to gracefully handle multiple languages.

I suggest you check out wpml.org

For how the WordPress Multilingual plugin works with custom posts types, check out their informative blog post.